Personalized Planners and Academic Agendas


To Our Dear Customers and Fans:

We regretfully will not be able to offer 2021 planners this holiday season. Between vendor slowdowns, disrupted supply chains, slower mail delivery (which is more problematic for us as we sell a time-sensitive product), our local print shop partner being shuttered periodically and unpredictably by COVID-19 regulations, and our new studio construction/relocation delay....we have deemed it unwise to pursue our much anticipated 2021 launch.

We are absolutely heartbroken about this new development and are terribly disappointed about needing to close operations at this time. We cannot in good conscience accept orders from customers while not being able to confidently guarantee proper execution of our commitment to service and timeliness to the high standards we've maintained over the last 8 years. We deeply apologize for not being able to meet your planning needs for 2021. I know how much people rely on our products, and this is just devastating for us to have to let y'all down.

We are so very grateful for the tens of thousands of you who have purchased our planners and supported our family. For the thousands of wonderful comments and incredible reviews. For the hundreds of fun pictures you've shared with us over the years. For the crazy anecdotes and heart-warming stories you've related with us that only fellow planner nerds can fully appreciate ;)

Being able to create useful and lovely things for a living, working with my hands, getting to flex my creativity and design muscles, all while getting overwhelmingly appreciative responses from so many people across the country has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. I will miss it more than you know and hope with all my heart we can reopen soon and be back better than ever when our beautiful, resilient country finds its way back to a place of stability.

Cheers to all who are reading, and best wishes for a vastly improved year in 2021.

Warmest Regards,

–M, Founder of and Designer for Melvedy Designs

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